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by Vulcraft®

Vulcraft’s Dovetail Deck System uses the intrinsic strength and aesthetic appeal of the dovetail shape to provide the architectural and structural design communities with a variety of floor and roof deck design solutions.


Open for design

Design Versatility.

At Vulcraft, we understand the desire to create something special for your client.  The structure is a result of your vision, and we have developed a number of roof and floor solutions, including our Dovetail deck line, to help bring your vision to life.  We are here to help.  We are Open for Design.


Make it

FormLok® Dovetail Composite Floor Deck.

The Vulcraft FormLok Dovetail Composite Floor Deck is one of our most versatile and practical products. You can achieve long spans with shallower floor depths that enable you to fit more into multi-story buildings.  Strength, fire resistance and acoustical performance: all are available with as little as 5 ½ inches of deck depth.  Delivering design flexibility, dovetail just gives you the opportunity to create something truly impactful.

Wedge Nuts


Vulcraft recommends Wedge Nuts to hang heavier loads or to brace mechanical systems.  These fit easily in the deep rib and can easily be reconfigured to fit your design needs.

The Freedom to Use a Variety of Flooring Finishes.

Vulcraft’s FormLok Dovetail Composite Floor Deck helps give you the freedom to finish your floor any way you see fit. Thanks to its superior sound ratings, you can easily find a finish that meets code and fits your vision. Get a modern industrial look with exposed concrete. Choose engineered wood flooring for a more classic feel, or choose from a multitude of other materials to create something totally unique. Whatever aesthetic your design demands, our dovetail deck will help make it possible.


Sweet Silence

Superior Sound Ratings.

When used with a typical assembly, our dovetail deck acoustics give you design freedom like never before and provides superior sound performance – boasting a variety of floor assemblies and finishes that provide sound transmission ratings (STC) and sound impact ratings (IIC) over 50.Whether it’s engineered wood, ceramic tile or anything in between, our dovetail deck superior sound ratings give you the opportunity to create something that meets your customers’ needs and matches your creative vision.


Sound Transmission Class (STC) is a rating of how well a building partition attenuates airborne sound. It is widely used to rate interior partitions, ceilings/floors, doors, windows and exterior wall configurations.


Impact Insulation Class (IIC) is a rating of how well a building floor attenuates impact sounds, such as footsteps.


A roof deck that stands out in a crowd.

Dovetail Roof Deck.

Dovetail roof an acoustical roof deck combine, functional, structural and aesthetic design.  The innovative profile boasts a clean, sleek design with distinct shadow lines to provide texture to the ceiling’s surface and naturally hide unsightly roof system fasteners with dovetail deck.  The acoustical roof deck is particularly suitable in structures when sound control is a key design element.


Dovetail floor deck is available in 2″ and 3.5″ deck profiles.

Silence the crowd with superior acoustical performance.

Dovetail Ceiling/Roof Deck.

Along with its aesthetic design, dovetail acoustic roof deck uses proven sound reducing technology to help lower levels of ambient background noise. Its excellent acoustical performance with a noise Reduction Coefficient (NRS) of 0.95 to 1.15 can achieve greater clarity of original sound and deliver a calm, quieter interior environment especially in structures such as auditoriums natatoriums, schools, gymnasiums and theaters. 


Vulcraft recommends using Sammy X-Press® Swivel Head Fasteners to securely hang or brace your mechanical systems for dovetail or acoustic dovetail roof deck. These swivel head fasteners are easy-to-use and save you time and money on installation.

Sammy X-Press® Swivel Head Fasteners


Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is a rating of how well a building material or combination of materials absorbs airborne sound. The higher the NRC, the better the product is at absorbing sound.

Dovetail deck finishes have you covered.

Options ranging from bare galvanized to high-performance paint systems for demanding environments give you freedom. Freedom to use your imagination. Freedom to choose the right solution for every project situation. Visit the Dovetail Deck page for more information

Galvanized Steel

Dovetail Deck’s finish options start with galvanized base steel. Leave the galvanized finish exposed or choose the paint option appropriate for your project.

Primer Paint

Dovetail Deck’s Primer Paint on galvanized base steel gives you robust design freedom to meet project objectives with a one coat white primer compatible with a wide range of field coatings.

Polyester Paint

Dovetail Deck’s Enhanced Paint on galvanized base steel gives your project two coats of protection. Our enhanced paint consists of a primer and specially formulated polyester topcoat that comes standard in white or your choice of custom colors.

High-Performance Paint

Dovetail Deck’s High-Performance Paint on galvanized base steel providesa finish system for demanding environments. When your project requires a high-performance finish for harsh conditions, contact us for suggested specifications for factory coating combined with a field applied finish to meet your project’s demands.

Verco / Vulcraft Group – DoveTail Factory Mutal (FM)

All 2″ and 3.5″ DoveTail roof deck profiles meet Factory Mutual (FM) Approvals for: Steel Roof Decks; Class I fire; Class I-60, I-75, and I-90 Wind Uplift Rating; Live Load Deflections; and Foot Traffic Resistance of Insulation per FM Standard 4451. Allowable spans for 2″ and 3.5″ DoveTail decks attached with approved steel deck fasteners, based upon the most conservative considerations of FM Standard 4451 for live load deflection, and Class I-60, I-75, and I-90 Wind Uplift Rating related to deck bending are specified within the listing of the FM Approved steel deck.

Specifications for Dovetail Roof and FormLokR Composite Decks are available for free download on Arcat at:


Easy Access to Online Design Tools by Vulcraft.

Vulcraft offers a number of easily-accessible tools to help you get the most out of your next project – from finding the right materials and product specifications to helping you create a design that works for your needs.


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